The move of business to the online direction and the development of site building made it necessary to create good content. Quality content is the key to successful communication with your audience. Content marketing includes a whole range of activities aimed at creating expert unique content in order to attract customers and increase sales.

What is content and content marketing?

Many people mean by content exclusively texts, but this is not at all the case. Content in the broadest sense of the word is any information that has been posted on a site or in a publication. It can be video files, texts, photos, pictures, audio files, presentations, lectures, e-mail newsletters, courses, e-books, webinars, courses.

If you create not only high-quality, but also useful content, you can attract an additional audience. People will search for information on issues that interest them and will be related to your activities. Thus, be sure to get acquainted with your content and products. If he helps to solve these issues, then the client will definitely return to you at the stage of making a certain decision.

Content marketing is attracting the attention of the target audience with the help of valuable information. The site needs to constantly update the content – this task is performed by the site editor. He constantly updates not only the texts, but also the characteristics of the goods, prices, reviews and other information.

The head of the content department examines all the requests, needs of customers and then decides what content will be more useful for customers and help push them to buy. The content can be created by the staff of the department or by remote specialists who are well versed in the specifics of goods or services.

What are the goals of content marketing?

No banner will provide such content and such opportunities in conveying its message as content. If a prospect reads a product description for more than five minutes, it’s already a success. But Website content marketing shouldn’t just keep the customer. It is aimed at realizing the following goals:

  • attracting traffic to the site;
  • raising awareness of the brand;
  • generation of leads;
  • work with objections and negativity;
  • building customer loyalty;
  • increase in the average check;
  • activation of users who have doubts;
  • extension of the customer’s life cycle.

Content marketing helps to adhere to a single style, be recognizable and depend only on the quality of your own content and the effectiveness of its promotion.

Who needs content, why and when?

If you have a website, your own page on social networks, an online store, then the content is simply necessary. Users will appreciate the usability of the pages, headings, texts, illustrations, button labels. Customers make the decision to stay on the page or leave in a split second. In the course of further study, an opinion about the company is formed, there is or does not arise a desire to receive advice and place an order.

Content affects the level of sales, therefore it is important for any business from a beauty salon to a tire fitting. Give answers to users’ questions, help solve the problem, show concern, and users will definitely vote for you with money.

There are a number of requirements for content:

  • Uniqueness is especially important for text content. Technical uniqueness is checked using free services such as or It is more difficult with semantic uniqueness, it cannot be solved by formal verification. This parameter implies new ideas, examples, author’s presentation of the material.
  • Completeness and information content. High-quality content solves the user’s problem, carries important information, contains verified facts.
  • Errors, inaccuracies, and a difficult to understand format distract the audience from the essence and undermine the credibility of the resource.
  • Convenient design. A readable font, informative pictures, professional video editing are the key to easy content consumption. The correct layout of the pages with an emphasis on the main blocks, buttons and order forms is also important.
  • Search engine compliance. In addition to keywords, robots have learned to recognize the depth of topic disclosure using semantic links between words. The more fully the topic stated in the page title and heading is disclosed, the higher the position in the search will get the site.

Poor content filling of sites reduces conversion and the level of the company’s income.

Types of content advertising

Online business promotionit’s hard to imagine content marketing without.The carriers of content advertising on the Internet can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Own – the company’s website, pages on social networks, mobile applications, YouTube channel.
  • External paid – Internet platforms, various sites that host articles, banners, videos.
  • Acquired – Audience. Something worth fighting for. These are pages in social networks, messengers and blogs of people who voluntarily shared your content. This is the most trusted medium, and a classic ad post has little chance of getting there.

Banners and promotional videos must also be present. They perfectly fulfill their function if you need to convey a short message: inform that you have a new product, show that you exist in the market, tell about the very fact that you have a particular service.

Content classification

Depending on the purpose, content is divided into the following types:

  • Informational – explains to users the features of the product / service, answers all kinds of questions;
  • Custom – text written directly by users, buyers (reviews, comments);
  • Advertising – stimulates sales, talks about the benefits of goods / services.
  • Service content – helps a potential client to understand the site (navigation, interactive services, etc.).

Ideally, if all areas are developed – each of them can play a key role in the tough struggle for the attention of buyers.

If we consider the types of content separately, the key position is, of course, the text. Only a good video can compete with high-quality, well-formed text, but you will have to spend much more resources on it.

According to the degree of uniqueness, all texts are divided into the following types:

  • copywriting – texts with a high degree of technical and semantic uniqueness;
  • rewriting or rewriting – texts rewritten from several sources with a sufficient indicator of technical uniqueness;
  • translation – materials adapted from other languages ​​with high technical uniqueness;
  • copy-paste – text copied from other sources.

The search engine gives preference to unique content. It’s simple: if your content is unique, you are at the top of the search engines. It is important to involve professionals in the creation of competent content.

Sales content

Content for sales should take into account the specifics of goods or services, emphasize their advantages, useful properties. High-value purchases of real estate and cars are accompanied by a long period of study of the product and competitors. Therefore, you need to take care of quality content and make sure that your article is in the search engine. It is difficult to sell a product that no one knows about and that no one understands. A person will not go to a clinic for fracture treatment if they do not know about the existence of such a service. Therefore, the key task is to attract attention.

Don’t forget about SEO (Search engine optimization) as well. SEOs are willing to pay for media just to get a link to their site from a quality source. Enough 1-2 links within the material, and your corporate site already receives a small “plus in karma” Google. If you use your site for sales – this is useful to you. In addition, good content marketing also attracts potential partners or investors. talk about your successes, achievements, benefits.

Content marketing and PR

A company’s image is an image that exists in people’s heads. If you do not pay attention to the process of forming this image, then it is formed spontaneously. And it is far from the fact that the result will correspond to reality and you will like it. Systematic image PR is much cheaper and easier than crisis PR. In addition, it is much easier for companies with a good image to look for employees and partners. With the help of regular posting and promotion of PR content, you can bring content to the first positions.

Content marketing and the development of an online marketing strategy are interconnected. The content should be in line with the company’s strategy. You need to choose the types of content that will be most relevant to your target audience. In order for your publications to be in demand, you need to look for niches that are not filled. Your useful, unique and expert content will come in handy here. Tell your customers about yourself, your products and services through content – and you will see the result.