Today we will talk about what everyone has heard, many have used it, but have little idea of ​​the mechanisms of work. About what? About popular marketing

On sites and search engines, context is represented by text ads with a bright title and a link to the resource. On sites, such advertising is located in a separate dedicated ad unit. Search engines place advertisements in several blocks in search results at once – at the beginning of the list and at the end, as well as in a separate ad section to the right of the results. It is always in sight of users, which stimulates new and targeted traffic. A tool that some people trust, others do not, but ordering which is already becoming a rule of good form for many successful and only promoted companies. This is contextual advertising, a type of customized online advertising in which users are shown a tailored ad with a link to go to the customer’s resource.

By implementing the targeting method (that is, the selection of advertising for the interests of the user), contextual advertising generates obviously interested traffic, which is ready to carry out the targeted action, which is the main advantage of the context. This tool is simply ideal for instantly increasing sales and accelerating the promotion of a resource on the Web.


Why does your business need it?

With the help of the context, several tasks can be solved at once:

Increase in real sales.
Targeted advertising campaign.
Increase in interested traffic minutes after launch.
Accompanying the launch of a new product on the market, effective advertising of a promotion, a specific event, etc.
Attracting the target audience to the company, increasing brand awareness.

At the same time, you can manage the advertising budget with high precision – you can control not only where the money is spent, but also what dividends it brings, make changes to the strategy in time and improve the situation. It is only important to enlist the help of a reliable specialist in contextual advertising, who will take into account key queries, develop an individual and effective promotion strategy, and not only write the optimal headline and ad text.

Advantages of PPC advertising as the best tool for increasing sales

Variability. Allows you to build a competent strategy by attracting traffic according to certain criteria, for example, georeferenced.
Target orientation. The ad will be seen by users who are really interested in this topic.
Fast efficiency. If you decide to order contextual advertising, you can see the effect in the form of new traffic almost instantly.
Implementation speed. You can launch contextual advertising in record time when compared with other promotion methods.
Suitable for any budget. You pay for advertising only when there is a need for it (launching a new project, launching a product, etc.). Therefore, contextual advertising can be implemented inexpensively.
Informativeness. Extensive analytics capabilities allow you to track the behavioral characteristics of customers on the site, analyze conversion and make appropriate adjustments.

Several services provide the ability to manage and customize contextual advertising. The most useful and beneficial are:

Yandex.Direct: a special service from the leading Russian search network. The system brings together a huge number of users, among which almost 80% are from Russia and Ukraine, which makes such advertising very effective and justified in terms of budget. Contextual advertising is placed in Yandex search results, as well as on the pages of partner sites of the desired topic.

Contextual advertising Google Adwords. This service provides many tools for analytics and control of advertising campaigns, allows you to effectively promote your resource among a multi-million audience from around the world. In Ukraine, this search engine is more popular, which means that the effectiveness of advertising in it is higher.

How is efficiency determined?

Naturally, a simple user transition to a website is not the end result of an advertising investment. Thus, there are several main methods for calculating the effectiveness of advertising:

  • CTR = the total of all clicks divided by the number of impressions and multiplied by 100%. The formula allows you to understand which traffic source brought more visitors with a certain number of impressions, and also to decide on the advisability of using such a source.
  • CPA is a calculation of overall budget performance, which is a formula where ad spend is divided by the number of targeted actions. You spent $ 200, 100 people called you, which means that the cost of one call is $ 2. PPC advertising will be effective if the average bill exceeds your costs per client.
  • Universal ROI formula = all business income minus investments (including advertising) / all investments and multiplied by 100%. 100% ROI is the break even point.

Market condition

According to statistical studies, in 2016 the online advertising market accounted for almost half of the total advertising costs of an ordinary company. At the same time, despite a slight slowdown in the growth rate of the share of contextual advertising on the market in recent years, its popularity continued to increase, reaching almost 90% of the entire online advertising market. Already in 2018-2020, contextual advertising in terms of market size can surpass the “giant” of marketing – advertising on TV. This proves the effectiveness and practicality of this tool.

Professional assistance in building an advertising strategy

1. Deep study of the specifics of the client’s business, target audience, advertised product and competent development of a marketing strategy.

2. Setting up effective contextual advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct with careful selection of keywords and ad text.

3. Full control over the advertising campaign, timely analytical reports.

4. Transparent terms of cooperation.

5. Timely adoption of amendments to the strategy, optimization of the advertising budget.

We are always ready to provide professional support and advise you on any questions.

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