Internal website optimization

In order for the site to occupy a competitive position in the search results and better rank, you should carry out regular work on it. In SEO promotion of a site, it is important to pay attention to both external and internal optimization – only a comprehensive study will allow you to bring the site to the TOP of the SERP and increase the income that it brings.

Internal optimization development is the first stage of active resource promotion.

Why do you need to carry out internal search engine optimization of the site

When carrying out internal work, it is taken into account:

  • Collecting primary semantics. The development and constant expansion of the semantic core of the site will expand the visibility and coverage of a larger pool of search queries.
  • Writing TK for a copywriter. Unique content is one of the most important factors in site ranking. The use of unique texts, videos, images will facilitate the rise to the TOP, while non-unique content will not only complicate the promotion, but may well bring the site under the sanctions of search engines.
  • Selection of a copywriter and control of writing texts. It is important to find a specialist with experience in writing specific texts (in the direction of the business). A person who has already worked with similar projects can write a unique and expert text.
  • Placing texts on the site. SEO specialist places texts on the site and sends them for indexing to search robots.
  • Compilation and metadata taking into account keywords for website pages. The presence of filled metadata on the site allows you to index pages faster and increase positions in the search results:
    • Title is a mandatory meta tag that has one of the highest impacts on search rankings.
    • Description is the meta description of the page. Search engines display information from description in search results.
  • Optimization of headings H1-H6 based on keywords. H1 headings are special headings on a page that highlight important content elements. Each keyword that contains a heading receives additional weight.
  • Compilation and implementation of a tag cloud on the site (to increase the ranking of keywords and behavioral indicators of the project). The tag cloud is combined and grouped commodity items by narrow criteria. The tag is created by grouping characteristics that meet popular user queries.
  • Elimination of errors, according to technical audit
  • Troubleshoot errors as reported by Search Console. Checking the technical component of the site, preparing the corresponding technical specification for correcting detected errors and monitoring the implementation of edits (information support of the work of programmers). Internal linking. It has 2 main goals – it improves the user experience in navigating the site and allows you to distribute the weight of key queries across the resource to improve indexing.
  • Drawing up technical specifications for the introduction of micro-markup. Microdata is a “single” language that all search engines read in the same way. The introduction of markup on the site allows you to get a more attractive snippet in the search results, determine the information on the page necessary for processing by the robot, and understand the type and content of the page for the search engine.
  • Setting goals in analytics and checking performance. It will allow you to evaluate the results of work in numerical terms (how many potential customers have clicked on the phone number, sent applications, chose “buy in 1 click” and other key KPIs).

The implementation of work on internal optimization of the promoted site will allow you to get the best results in ranking, behavioral indicators and traffic volume.

In order for the site to consistently bring profit, it is necessary to carry out work on it on an ongoing basis. An SEO specialist in our company can evaluate the site for internal and external optimization.

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