Safety rules for collecting and storing information. Mandatory availability of an SSL certificate. Return policy. The site should contain as detailed as possible the conditions for the return of goods in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the advertisement is planned. Payment methods for goods. The site must contain all available payment methods for the goods, including online payment. Site visitors should be able to pay for the product online. Delivery methods. The site must contain all methods of delivery of the broth, including address delivery by courier to the door when placing an order in the basket. Accuracy of contact details. The site must contain reliable contact information, including phone numbers. Product images must be without watermarks. It is forbidden to add information to images that covers products. The price and availability of goods on the site must strictly correspond to the data in the feed. Requirements for the availability of goods. It is allowed to sell only those products that are on your site, links to other sites are excluded. An example of TOR for a Google Shopping feed – here List of all requirements on the google help site