Many consumers of goods and services make a purchase decision after they find good reviews and recommendations. This tool works both in B2C and B2B. A distinctive feature of B2B decision-making will be a more thorough study of partners / suppliers, so here the positive opinion of other people will help to create and strengthen partnerships.

What is crowd marketing? It is a way to attract attention and stimulate online sales with the help of recommendations from other users. At the same time, it is not just a mention and a link to the company’s website that works, but a competent strategy. It is important to help deal with the consumer’s problem, get into the “pain” and, along the way, catch attention.

Crowd marketing is an English phrase that means crowd marketing. Everyone knows a psychological trick when people strive to imitate more successful leaders and follow their instinct to “be like everyone else”. Now there is even a trend among bloggers, when the most influential of them are called “opinion leaders”. And yes, they are ready to follow, take an example or imitate them.

Where can I post recommendation comments?

Typically forums, thematic blogs, and social media communities are used for feedback and discussion. It is important to leave a useful comment, without intrusiveness and primitive advertising “here is the site” or “buy here”.

When using crowd marketing in the b2b sector, you need to carry out painstaking preparatory work on market research:

  • Analyze and collect online platforms where the target audience communicates.
  • Initiate a series of discussions that indirectly affects the application of your company’s product or services.
  • Be active in the discussion, so that you can then link to your site and thus solve the problem of many customers.

Important: do not end the activity in the discussion after the link, but continue it for several more days. This will raise the post or comments on the forum / blog and show the naturalness of the discussion process. Administrators and moderators track free sponsored posts and usually remove them. Therefore, in this case, you need to be patient in order to organically enter a link to your site at the right time when there is an active interest among readers.

Don’t be afraid to link to competitors – this will help you avoid being accused of advertising your product. Such a comment looks natural, can be considered an overview or expert, and in conclusion, you add your opinion – as a consumer of this product and give an assessment. If your product or service really has competitive advantages, and your talent to convince the interlocutor is at a high level, then the target audience will make their choice in your favor.

It makes sense to add the message:

  • An interesting and useful picture,
  • Humor or original photograph,
  • Video clip.
  • Links to authoritative sources and official websites of manufacturers.
  • Indication of pages in Wikipedia, reference books and other useful resources.

Q&A services and review sites are great tools for crowd marketing. However, you should not spam with links on all sites, as meaningless answers and recommendations can cause a negative reaction. For example, if a person is looking for a laptop for work or study, there is no need to give him recommendations on gaming gadgets – they are clearly inappropriate and annoying. It is good to add personal experience using the technique – it increases the credibility of your comment and strengthens the friendly communication style. It is this recommendation format that causes the least resistance from readers.

Role of crowd marketing in SEO promotion

Additional benefits of crowd marketing are that it helps in promoting the company’s website:

  • Brings high-quality targeted traffic. We recommend posting links on forums and sites that have high traffic and activity. This will help to get an influx of new visitors to the site.
  • Strengthens the link profile. Links to third-party resources will show search engines the value of your site, the relevance of your products and increase the level of trust. Such links will be free and safe as they are organically indexed by search engines and do not get filtered.
  • It brings you to the leading positions in the search results for certain key queries. This works especially well for low-frequency and mid-range keywords. If you use the terms and specific slang of users, then you can easily bring your site to the TOP.

What is the importance of crowd marketing in the promotion strategy

A large number of positive reviews will help create and reinforce a positive image for your brand. Mentioning the company on specialized forums and professional platforms strengthens the trust of readers, and competent recommendations will show the value of your goods / services.

An important result will be increased brand awareness. Frequent mentions of the company will be “heard” by customers and partners, which will cause an influx of new customers.

In the field of consulting, this is especially important, since when ordering a consultation or training, they always pay attention to customer reviews.

What are the features of using crowd marketing in B2B?

Of course, there are differences in crowd marketing for b2b clients. First of all, you need to take into account the decision-making algorithm in the business area. If consumers of B2C goods make purchases under the influence of emotions, then in B2B the purchasing department conducts a thorough analysis of proposals and makes decisions based on rational conclusions.

A long decision-making period and a large number of persons involved in the choice of a supplier leave their mark on the promotion strategy. However, crowd marketing can and should be used in b2b, you just need to take into account the specifics of this area.

Which clients will belong to the b2b sphere:

  • Wholesale of building materials,
  • Sale and rental of large special equipment (cranes, excavators, dump trucks),
  • Manufacture and sale of machine tools and equipment.
  • Accounting services.
  • Legal services.
  • Business consulting,
  • Sale of equipment for offices and restaurants,
  • Online stores that sell large wholesale,
  • Manufacturers of goods,
  • Other companies that provide services and goods for business.

In crowd marketing for B2B such difficult points should be noted:

  • Narrowness of the target audience. You cannot count on massive demand here, since there are not so many buyers. That is why positive recommendations from colleagues and other consumers who are already using your products / services are so important.
  • The number of consumers in b2b is significantly less than in B2C, which intensifies the struggle for each client. It should be borne in mind that the reach of direct contacts is much lower, since the decision-making process is long and multi-level.
  • It’s harder to create a viral effect. The emotions experienced when buying cosmetics are different from those when buying a crane. This should be considered when creating content. But all the more valuable will be unconventional approaches and a fresh look at the customer problem.
  • The limitedness of specialized information resources. These sites are usually rare and less active. Given the narrow specialization of each resource, the professionalism of the commentator will be crucial.
  • The complexity of the product / service. It is difficult for a wide audience to understand the specifics of a specialized product, so the issue of making a decision may require additional consultations and time.

A well-designed and implemented B2B strategy will help you achieve significant results. The efficiency of investing in crowd marketing is quite high, since the costs are much less than traditional advertising budgets. However, you should not rush to write reviews. Marketers need to do a good job of researching the market and understanding the specifics of your offering in order to hit the target and the client’s pain. Otherwise, you can get ridicule and the completely opposite effect.

When choosing a contractor among marketers, consider the area of ​​interest of the employee. To promote complex technical products, it is important that the marketer understands the intricacies of the product at a high level. If we are talking about automotive technology, then you should dive deeply into the issues and problems of its operation. When selling legal services for b2b, it is important to have experience working with corporate clients, and not just general consulting. Business accounting services also have their own characteristics. Also, you can sell not only your company’s products for B2B, but also expert advice from your employees. Such a service will raise the status of your company among competitors and strengthen its position in the market.

How to develop and implement crowd marketing in B2B

There are only two options here:

  • Involve your employees and specialists. The advantage is that they have specialized education and know the products well. The downside will be their inability to present information in a viral format, creating a certain interest and intrigue.
  • Find a contractor. It is important to select professionals who have experience in B2B. The promotion of cosmetics in B2B and the strategy for large-scale special equipment are completely different experiences and skills. Study the portfolio, talk to the direct executor, select an expert consultant on your part.

When starting crowd marketing, you will need:

  • develop detailed comments on the advertised products.
  • describe professional advantages in relation to competitors.
  • check carefully and give feedback in the first stages.

When crowd marketing won’t work

There are situations that will nullify all efforts. Here are the situations where crowd marketing won’t work:

  • Selling expensive equipment. There won’t be enough feedback on the forums. You need to add examples of completed projects to your site, post articles from experts of your company, develop a convenient and correct site.
  • With outdated site design and primitive functionality. Do not hesitate to invest in the professional development of corporate identity and other brand attributes. In addition, convenient navigation, an intuitive interface will help customers explore your equipment and products.
  • Low-quality products of your company. In this case, a large number of negative reviews will appear on the network, which will play against you.
  • Poor staff performance. If there is a flow of calls, then you need to be ready to promptly respond to each request, politely conduct consultations, send out commercial offers and price lists.

You shouldn’t hire a freelancer to promote a complex product. Your salary savings will ruin the company’s image, making it much more difficult to fix. Trust professionals with case studies that prove the level of work of the marketing team.