Your account structure should be simple and logical. This helps to improve the accuracy of reaching the target audience and avoid unnecessary expenses. It also makes it easier to track campaign performance.

The most common method for organizing an AdWords account is to create a structure similar to your site, with each ad group representing a different web page or category of content on the site.

Selection of key queries:

  • I use paid licensed software;
  • I am working on various declensions of queries and negative words;
  • I split requests into appropriate groups;
  • I make hot, warm, cold requests;
  • I make a breakdown by geography (cities);
  • Qualitatively filter minus words.

As one of the tools of attraction will be usedsearch advertisingin Google AdWords and Yandex Direct, which will enable us to reach almost all target users from search engine data. Your ad will be shown in response to a targeted request from an Internet user.

Creating an account structure similar to the site, creating advertising campaigns, writing ads 2 pcs. for A / B test of the best ad text, per one key request. The key request is displayed in the ad, the formation of negative keywords, ad extensions: additional links, clarifications, structured descriptions, phone numbers, prices, addresses (if you have a Google My business account), setting a budget.


Display of a “mini” product card with a product image, price and description. Even before going to the site, the user understands whether he is interested in the product or not. As a rule, this tool has a good CTR, profitability, and often a lower cost per click than on search. Bundled with search advertising doubles your chances of increasing traffic and sales.

You can also display your Shopping ads directly in your YouTube video!

(Display Network) Google, targeted by keywords, relevant interests, placements, thematic sites. We are planning to display text and banner ads on Google partner sites, which will give us an increase in your brand awareness, sales and loyalty to your company.

Creating an account structure similar to a website, creating advertising campaigns, writing ads, importing customer banners for each category of goods, developing animated banners (+50 USD for 7 pcs. Per category), choosing a KMS targeting: by interests, key queries, placements, own categories of interests, cross-targeting, setting a budget.


The next source of attracting visitors will be using the second largest search advertising network YouTube with targeting by relevant interests, keywords, targeted video channels. It is planned to display text and banner ads on YouTube. Choice of targeting by interests, keywords, target video channels and videos, own categories of interests, cross targeting, setting a budget.

The next source of attracting visitors will be using the Gmail mailing service with targeting by interests and key queries.

The service is specially designed for Gmail and is suitable for different purposes:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Attracting demand
  • Sales promotion
  • Loyalty and customer retention


To return users to the site, as well as to maintain the interest of the users who have visited the site, we use all remarketing / retargeting options. We will use various conditions, for example:

– We went to a category and did not add the product to the cart;

– We went to a category, put the product in the basket and did not complete the purchase;

– We went to a category and ordered (repeat sales).

Dynamic remarketingto increase the return on investment in advertising. Chasing users of your site who did not buy a product with banners with specific product cards that they viewed on the site.

Search remarketing – the ability to show your ads in Google search on more favorable positions to those users who have already been on your site before and have not ordered your service or product.

Special attention to advertising on mobile devices and tablets. Adaptation of advertisements for display on all mobile devices. Configuring ad extensions adapted for mobile devices. Making bid adjustments for different devices.


(advertising network of Yandex partners) with targeting by key requests. It is planned to display text and banner advertisements on Yandex partner sites with constant monitoring of the quality of placement sites. Development of animated banners with a built-in tool or engaging a designer – the cost of 11 sizes for one category: 70 USD. Since Internet users spend more time on partner sites than directly on the search, the use of advertising in the YAN will make it possible to attract an interested audience even more!


Yandex Direct tool that allows you to display an animated banner to the right of the search results, attracting the attention of your target audience. Bundled with the SERPs of your ad minimizes your competitors’ chances of attracting users and greatly increases your chances! There is a minimum threshold for entering advertising according to the advertising budget, depending on the region!


An advertising campaign with the function of switching not to a category, but to a corresponding product. Increases the likelihood of a purchase. An ideal tool for online stores with a wide range of products. Requires automatic unloading of the product feed from the site. The tool allows you to indicate the actual price in the ad and does not allow you to display ads for those goods that are out of stock.


If your business depends on incoming calls – then this function is for you! This setting allows mobile users to make a call directly to your phone without going to the site. Works great for “hot” niches, when a product or service is needed urgently, and for those who like to make purchases through the phone. Each call is your potential client.