In the modern digital space of Ukraine, the service of complex website promotion is gaining more and more popularity.

This is due to the fact that simply by showing up in organic search results it is no longer possible to develop and grow in a competitive environment, and giving preference only to paid traffic channels, you can drain a huge budget in the short term and not have time to get target results.

Also, do not forget about the time to make a purchase / order decision. For each product / service there is a certain (averaged) decision-making period (this data can be viewed in Analytics) – in order not to lose a potential client, you must constantly be in his information environment (send e-mail newsletters, set up push messages, remind about yourself in social networks).

Moreover, over the past few years, more and more customers are looking for information on complex website promotion at a bargain price.

That is why, work on the promotion of the resource must be carried out in conjunction using the tools of SEO, contextual advertising, e-mail marketing, SMM and SERM.

Optimal approach to promotion

Here’s how a basic systematic approach to the integrated promotion of a site in search engines should look like:

  • First of all, you need to start by installing analytics on the pages of your resource – so you can evaluate the quality of traffic, budget, cost of attracting one client, it will be possible to calculate LTV and many other useful metrics for business;
  • It is necessary to set up campaigns in search so that your offer is shown for relevant search queries;
  • When search campaigns are set up and traffic has gone to the site, it is worth conducting a technical audit of the resource. Only if you have a technically correct resource and take into account all the requirements, you can start an active complex SEO promotion.
  • When all those requirements are met, you can begin to engage in external optimization of the promoted site (building up the link mass, strengthening the position of the resource in search queries, working with reputation) and internal (linking, expanding the structure, preparing unique content).
  • Provided that the client provides all the necessary information (priorities in the range, prompt preparation of text and visual content, a stable budget for the purchase of links and social signals), the marketing agency can provide tangible results in terms of traffic and stability of positions in 6-8 months.
  • Don’t forget about reputation management at all stages of work (SERM). Filling Internet pages with positive responses, writing reviews of satisfied customers after buying or using the company’s services allows you to increase loyalty and brand awareness of the company, and processing negative reviews will show that you care about your reputation and are trying to improve – after all, any review is a small success, you just need be able to work with them correctly.
  • While SEO work is underway (strategically for the future), it is necessary to experiment and optimize PPC campaigns. This will allow you to profit from the site at the moment (tactical attraction tools).
  • Throughout the entire time it is necessary to work with “Warm Base” – clients who were interested in the offer, but did not take the target action. It is not enough just to show an advertisement once, it is important not to let go of a potential buyer until he takes the targeted action. Although in this case, you need to work with him constantly, using different communication tools. A well-designed content plan will simplify the process of interaction with the client.

It is a systematic approach to optimizing customer acquisition and retention on the Internet at the initial stage that will allow you to get instant tangible results through paid traffic attraction channels, and the parallel development of SEO pages will improve performance and reduce the average customer acquisition bill in the future.

It is not difficult to order complex website promotion now. The main thing is to determine the factors for choosing a contractor and clearly define the goals to strive for.

In the work of a specialist, it is important to be accountable for the results. We are always open to dialogue and we have nothing to hide.

Call us and we will assess the current situation for free and offer a strategy for further actions.