The design and structure of a website for an industrial company is different from a regular business website or online store. First of all, attention is paid to the availability of information and professionalism in the descriptions of goods / services. Of course, the sales department and work with tenders give their results, but a well-made website will help significantly increase your profit. Agree that a cheap site of 3-4 pages that sells construction equipment, expensive cottages, machine tools or production lines does not inspire confidence. Moreover, the unpretentious design, the lack of news for the last month is a wake-up call for clients who appreciate all the nuances.

What goals will the site of an industrial company help to solve?

Profit comes first in business – and growth. The website will help in this matter if you set goals and objectives correctly.

Errors in setting business goals look like this:

  • Increase in sales and profit of the enterprise.
  • Growth of traffic at points of sale.
  • Receiving new orders for the production of products.
  • Entering new markets and regions.
  • Automation of routine tasks.

Why don’t these goals work? From a superficial point of view, everything is written correctly, but there are no indicators of change that can be measured or counted. Perhaps your company does not have an established performance analysis, and then it is necessary to implement the collection of statistics for all departments. If we are talking about increasing sales, how do we measure it? For example, sales increased by UAH 5,000 – this is growth, right? But on the scale of a large company, such amounts are not decisive. Although from a formal point of view, growth is taking place.

When setting goals and planning, it is important to clarify all indicators that will help evaluate the results:

  • Increase in sales by 10% in 6 months.
  • Growth in the attendance of points of sale by 2 times in the 2nd half of 2020.
  • Receiving new orders for the amount (indicate the amount).
  • Entering the markets of cities (we write – which ones) and opening 1 office in each of these cities.
  • Implementation of CRM Bitrix-24 in the work of the enterprise until January 1, 2021 and training of personnel to work with the system.

Do you notice the difference? The second variant of the goals has accurate indicators of results that can be checked and recorded. The sales department increased its performance by 8%, which means that it was not finalized. We reached 15% growth – excellent, you can reward active employees with a bonus. It is also important to learn from the experience of the best managers in order to train weak employees and strengthen the skills of the entire team. The results of each manager should be considered and recorded in order to mark the most effective working methods.

We formulate the following goals in the same way:

  • Upsells – in specific values. To do this, we determine the number of repeated contacts with the previous customer base and the% of inactive customers return. This can be done both in absolute terms and in%. At the same time, it is advisable to evaluate the effectiveness of activities – which actions of managers give the best results.
  • Attracting new business partners, dealers, agents – in which cities, how many people, how many sales. If you are working with new partners, be sure to provide training for them. You can record videos of excursions to the production, interview with leading engineers and technologists who will reveal technical aspects. If your dealer network can provide competent advice, it will be easier for them to sell.
  • The opening of new offices – where, in which city, who is responsible, what costs for equipment, how many employees – that is, we digitize all the indicators again.

We define our target audience

Usually large enterprises work with government organizations or in the field of B2B. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the work of employees and the specifics of decision-making when purchasing.

The sales department will deal with:

  • With the purchasing department employees (end users) in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • In large companies and corporations, the decision is made by the purchasing committee.
  • Trading networks and equipment suppliers in this case act as resellers.

Each industry will have its own portrait of the client, we provide indicative characteristics for example.

Target audience demographics:

  • Men 85%, women 15%. Age from 35 to 55 years old. These are the heads of the purchasing department, higher education or secondary technical education. The income level is average and above average.
  • Men 50%, women 50% – economic specialists, lawyers, accounting – all have higher education. Age from 30 to 50 years old. The income level is average.

Features of audience behavior:

  • They have an analytical mindset, possess information about competitors.
  • They are conservative and make decisions based on numbers.
  • They choose reliable partners who give maximum guarantees.
  • Self-confident, good at negotiation skills and objection-handling techniques.
  • They know how to bargain and are persistent in negotiations.

Decision making algorithms:

  • They evaluate promotions and discounts, as they know the prices on the market well.
  • Pay attention to logistics, ease of payment, guarantees.
  • If the decision is made by the tender committee, then the employee can present information in a favorable or unfavorable light.
  • Availability of goods in the warehouse, deferred payment, wide assortment are the most important factors on the basis of which a choice is made.
  • For the first purchase, the least risky methods are chosen, since we are talking about large amounts.
  • They value the accuracy of delivery deadlines, service and the speed of your responses.
  • Trusted and trusted suppliers benefit from built-in trust.

Why do we analyze these issues so carefully when we talk aboutinternet promotion of an industrial company? Your site and the content on the site are able to solve many issues related to making a decision to cooperate. If you know for sure the difficulties and problematic questions, then give answers to them immediately in the texts of the site. this way you will show your professionalism and understanding of the partners’ doubts, and on the other hand, you will remove the objections that managers would have to work with.

In this case, the “question-answer” section works well, which contains ready-made solutions to questions. Your managers are well aware of the most popular customer questions, so they will be able to provide answers in advance on the site to simplify their work.

What will help to make a decision on cooperation

Each customer, partner, dealer has its own expectations and goals, which influence the choice of a supplier. And if you are able to provide answers to these queries on the site, then you will increase the number of sales and the average check.

What the client expects to receive:

  • High-quality goods / equipment in a complete set,
  • Execution of contracts on time,
  • The opportunity to get competent advice from a technologist, engineer or other specialist,
  • For complex equipment – installation services and training of its personnel,
  • Availability of certificates and patents,
  • Possibility to complete equipment, taking into account the specifics of the customer’s work,
  • Service and delivery of spare parts / consumables,
  • Competitive prices, transaction security and guarantees,
  • For large order volumes – flexible price offers and discounts,
  • Payment by installments, crediting, leasing.

Experienced purchasing staff have such concerns:

  • Overpay for equipment or shipping,
  • Disrupt delivery times,
  • Receive non-working / low-quality equipment,
  • Find a discrepancy between real and declared technical characteristics,
  • Have problems with service, repair, spare parts.

All these questions should be reflected on the site and its pages. High-quality photographs of production facilities, workshops, office and personnel will help build trust.

Website development and online promotion of a b2b company

After preparing and analyzing the information, you can start developing the site. It is understandable that some executives want to save money and cut costs. For example, to involve your in-house designer in the development of design, or the son of the chief technologist who has completed courses in programmers – ask to make a website. This approach is justified for personal pages on the Internet, for which fewer professional requirements are imposed.

The optimal solution would be to involve key specialists immediately, at the design and development stage, since subsequent edits will require additional financial costs.

So, to develop the site, immediately involve a group of specialists:

  • Designer,
  • Layout designer,
  • Programmer,
  • SEO specialist,
  • Marketer,
  • Content manager,

Corporate identity, professional website design, easy navigation – these are the first impressions of visiting an Internet resource. Given that the site is multi-page, and most often the search will lead customers not to the main page of the site, but to specific goods / services, then pay attention to their design.

In the header of the site, be sure to indicate not only the name of the company and contacts, but also the regions of work. If you are a manufacturer – write about it, a dealer – also indicate. It often happens that it is not clear on the site – these are sellers, suppliers of spare parts or services.

For example, the site says “Pools”. A logical question arises: do you build them (starting from the foundation pit), mount ready-made equipment, clean or repair pools? These are all completely different customer requests. In addition, usually the construction of pools is tied to a specific city – and this must be indicated immediately so that the site visitor can see the answers to his questions. Not every client will spend time looking for information on your site, and if he does not receive an answer quickly, he will go to competitors.

How can positioning be clarified:

  • Manufacturer / developer,
  • Official partner, representative, dealer,
  • Supplier of products of a certain TM (indicate which one).

If you work with retail and wholesale consumers, please make a section “Wholesalers” or “Dealers”.

Bright and flashy colors should be avoided in website design. The emphasis should be on photos and content. Video will help strengthen customer confidence – an overview of the company’s workshops, office premises, presentations on behalf of managers. Live contact through video helps form a bond and conveys certain emotions. Do not use photos of other people’s products or employees from the Internet.

On the site you need to add:

  • photographs of real workers, technologists, machine tools and equipment,
  • graphic materials, sketches, drawings in the process of work,
  • photographs of the exterior of buildings.

On the pages of the administration and departments, you need to add contacts and real photos. Add interior elements – flowers on the table, books on the shelves, work folders.

When designing a site, you should not abuse fonts and text styles. It is more important to convey the meaning, and not to amaze with curls or contrast. Such elements will distract readers and are completely inappropriate on the business pages of a corporate project.

How to present products on the site

The product catalog is the main selling element of the resource. Simple and logical navigation on the site will help you quickly find the equipment you need, its price and specifications.

Here’s an example of a catalog page:

  • Product photography (good quality, from different angles).
  • Technical characteristics in the form of a table.
  • Standard sizes, equipment and manufacturing options.
  • If necessary – wiring diagrams, drawings.
  • Price for the basic configuration of the product “from” and indicating the possibility of adding additional options.
  • Operating Instructions.
  • Price lists available for download.
  • Information about the availability of goods in the warehouse or the production time under the order.
  • Product advantages (not in general terms, but as accurately as possible from a technical point of view).
  • “Order” or “Request a call back” button.
  • Feedback form or technical support chat.
  • Related products and accessories.

The ability to search on the site will simplify the work of managers and help them navigate among a large number of product items.

What customers want to know about your company

When getting acquainted with your company, partners will first of all study the product catalog and prices. However, before deciding on cooperation and signing a contract, they always pay attention to the history of your company. It is important here to show your history (how many years on the market), production volumes in the form of graphs by year, information about dealer networks – if you have representatives by region. A large customer is looking for information on production capabilities – whether you can deliver it on time and at a high level of quality.

Now it is customary to make a separate block – Our Clients, where customers’ logos are placed. Add letters of thanks, reviews and awards from various competitions and exhibitions here.

Photos and video messages make it easier to get to know the company, because in any case, you have to work with people.

Online promotion strategy for a b2b company

The promotion strategy begins with a goal – according to the decomposition method. First of all, you need to answer the question: what do you want to get from the Internet promotion of an industrial enterprise. Write down specific goals with measurable characteristics that will measure the results.

Be sure to set realistic deadlines in which you plan to achieve these goals. What tools will be involved in the work? What statistics will you collect, evaluate and compare and for what period? How much will it cost to develop and promote a website, maintain it and update information?

If you order the development of a turnkey website, then take into account the reliability of the developer company, so as not to lose later contacts with technical specialists. Domain registration, all bindings must be performed on your contact information, and not on third-party specialists. This is important, since you must periodically renew the use of a domain name and hosting, and there may be questions about the security of the Internet resource. All these emails, reminders and calls should come to you, not to the development team.

After the development of the site, 5 tools are used to promote online:

  • Contextual advertising that will allow you to immediately attract customers for targeted requests.
  • Targeted advertising on social media.
  • SEO-promotion – requires time and material investments (but costs are less than advertising), gives a long-term effect and good positions in search engines.
  • Content marketing builds trust and increases user loyalty to your products. Requires a professional approach, competent work of a copywriter and technical specialists of your company.
  • SMM marketing works with your social media clients. Here you can post news, photos, discounts, promotions, event announcements, interviews, useful information, customer reviews and recommendations.
  • After developing the site, be sure to indicate it on all paper and advertising media: banners, price lists, business cards. Increasing website traffic will not only help increase sales, but also improve its position in search engines.